Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nicole's WHS Graduation Cake

Nicole and Lexi were in first grade together.  Both fortunate enough to have Miss Leeann Sadowski as their first grade teacher.  I remember when Nicole would come over to play with Lex..........I would ask if they wanted something to eat or drink.  Nicole was so shy she would whisper her reply to Lexi.  So cute!!  Fast forward to high school:  Tony, my DH, picked the girls up from dance class and is shocked when he learns that "Nicole talks now!"  LOL 

Anywho, Nicole has become quite a lovely young lady and I am happy to be her personal cake designer.  Off to college in the fall, Vermont, no less.  Her momma, Jean, my BFF tells me she is going to miss her girl.  I can see why.  Nicole has become a lovely young lady and I am honored to know her.   You go, girl  :) 

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