Monday, February 8, 2010

Crazy Hearts Cake

This cake completes the trilogy of cakes for my baby sis. This one went to the family celebration at our parent's house. Her first birthday since dad's passing 3 weeks ago. Sure was sad. I hope the cakes helped a tiny bit.......

Gift Box Cake

Little sister, Stacey hit the cake jackpot this year. I made 3, yes three cakes to mark her 41st birthday. This is number two. After making the penis cake, I realized some folks at Cousin Jeanna's may be opposed to eating penis, cake or otherwise. I decided to make something a little more mainstream. Sure did taste good :)

Yes, It's A Penis Cake!

Ok, I made the boobie cake so it's only fair I make a Penis cake! I had to out do the Bum cake I made for Stacey last year, so Penis trumps all, doesn't it? My 8 year old cousin, Michael, took one look at it and swore it was Rudolph. lol When he discovered what it actually was, he begged to not cut the balls!! Poor kid. Hope it doesn't traumatize him for life.......