Saturday, February 26, 2011

Western Retirement Cake

Let me pull the straw from my teeth so I can explain this beauty.......Ok, now, this cake was made for a surprise retirement party. The recipient, an avid country dancer, plans to hang up her pumps for a comfy pair of boots. She needs the hat to complete the ensemble, and thus begin her golden years. I certainly hope this white cake with chocolate mousse filing is the beginning of a very long, happy, square dancin retirement. Congrats :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Stacey's Pickle Cake

Lil sis is really gaining on me in years! Chuckle, chuckle. Yet, another birthday. Last year, Stacey hit the birthday cake jackpot when I made her 3 cakes. This year, I opted to make her but one. Yes, it is a pickle. Again, I ask you to think Jersey Shore. (I know, but it's like a train wreck: you can't stop watching!!) Our fav lil gal, Snooki, sure does love those pickles. This cake was the brain child of Hallie, my daughter, and Shaunna, Stacey's lil girl. They really wanted the "fist pump", but I steered them in this direction.

This baby definitely tasted better than ANY pickle I've ever eaten. Devil's Food cake, my rich and creamy chocolate frosting and a luscious mocha filling. Yum! There wasn't a dry eye in the place :)