Friday, May 29, 2009

Lexi's Confirmation Cake

Told ya it would be another cross cake! Everyone has asked why I chose to put her her name, Alexia on the cake instead of Lexi, which is her preference. My reply to all: If you sing GOD BLESS AMERICA, try substituting ALEXIA!! Right? :)

Mom's Birthday Cake

It also happens to be my mom's birthday, too. I think she was seriously hoping for the butt cake!! Next year, mom :)

Coach Bag

Happy birthday, Karissa! Auntie is giving you a pretty pink Coach bag. LOL When she cut into it I had to leave the room. It just didn't seem right! She didn't want to do it, but alas, she did :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother's Day Cake

Sweet and simple :)

I Pod Cake

This was a labor of love for my favorite twins, Jon and Josh. It was a big hit at their 16th birthday party :)

Red Sox

Go Sox!!

Holy Cross

Not the college! I made this for Lexi's last official CCD class. She may be getting this exact same cake for Confirmation. Let's face it there is only so much you can do to a cross, right?

Bon Voyage

My good friend, Jean was married 20 Years this year. Her hubby took her on a cruise. I will be married 20 years in July. My honey is taking me on a cruise, too...........NOT!

Coffee Cake

LOL Coffee Cake!!!


I love this cake! My baby sister was turning the big Four O and I had to do something really great for her :) I think I didn't center the butt crack very well.

Wedding cake

This cake is bittersweet for me. I had completed all four cake decorating courses and this was the Grand Finale. It was sad because I wouldn't be seeing Courtney and Beth every Monday night :(

Stacked Fondant Cake

How cute is this freaking thing? I know!!


Who needs a reason to have a martini? Seriously.......

Happy New Year!

I love Prosecco! What more can I say? Oh, it's made in Italy :)

Final Project Fondant and Gumpaste Course

It was Chistmas time and I had a shit load of blue fondant left over from the humungus snowflake cake. It worked :)

Lexi's Birthday cake #2

We had to have a cake on her actual birthday, don't cha think?

Lexi's Birthday cake #1

I so bit off more than I could chew with this baby!

Basket Weave # 2

This cake was my second attempt at the basket weave and this time I worked it out myself :)

Basket Weave

The final project for Course 2. I struggled with the basket weave for some reason, but my fearless leader, Courtney helped me work it out :)

Boobie Cake

Ok, does anyone need an explanation for this one? Tony, my husband suggested piercing the nipple. I hope my friend, Matt really enjoyed it ;)

Friends :)

I had just learned to make flowers with royal icing so I had to run home and make a cake. I made this for another great friend, Jeanne.

Soccer Ball Cake

This cake was made for my good friend, Jean. It was for her twins' birthday, and my very first sale :)

Really Big Flowers

I have received many requests for this one. Simple and sweet :)

Go Patriots!

I had only been taking classes for 4 weeks when I made this cake to take to Cousin Jeanna's house. I am really proud of this one :)

Really Big Cupcake

After I made that first cake, I had to make another one right away. I made this for my sister, Stacey.

My First Attempt

Ok, so here it is, my very first decorated cake. I wanted to show how far I have come since that very first one. Yes, those are supposed to be roses. Printing needed work, too :)