Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Girl Shower Cake

Look how cute that cake is!!! No, really. Look at it! Kim, the younger sister of my oldest and dearest friend, Lisa, hosted a baby shower for her friend. I was thrilled to learn she was interested in a baby shower cake. You see, I had this cake idea dancing around my head for a while and decided it was time for it to bust-a-move!!
Yes, it was a lot of work. Tons of details! But it sure was fun to create. I heard it was a hit at the shower. Almost makes me want another daughter........NOT!! Mother to the very sexy Lexi and the incredibly sweet Hallie Rose is plenty. Besides, Dh certainly doesn't need a 4th wife! Welcome to the world, little baby girl! I know your mommy will have the best time shopping for all of your clothes and accessories! I sure did :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Johnny's Birthday Cake

All I can think of is, "Burgers for the boys, burgers for the boys!" Jersey Shore fans will undoubtedly get it. My younger brother, Johnny, celebrated his 47Th birthday this weekend. Considering that we are days away from the 1 year anniversary of our dad's death, we wanted to make it a special day. Next weekend is going to be a tough one.
Any who, I was in the mood to create something completely whimsical when this idea popped into my brain. He loved the cake. Particularly the brownie "hamburger" in the center of the cake. The only obstacle was cutting that humongous sucker up. Never fear, I sliced that bad boy up before anyone could say, "Burgers for the boys, burgers for the boys!" Hold the pickles :)

Ugly Sweater Cake

It ain't ugly! It's cuuuuuuuute!! (think Clarissa and Rudolph) My darling daughter, Lexi, was invited to an Ugly Sweater Party this holiday season. You got to admit, there are some pretty nasty sweaters out there at Christmas time. Why? Seriously, why? And who is wearing these atrocious eye sores anyway! Right?
Any who, of course, my lil darling girl offered up my services free of charge. It's all good. Tis the season to give with a warm heart. Hope the guests enjoyed the cake ")