Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sing Me A Song I'm The Piano Man Cake

Or should I say, The Piano Lovely Young Lady. Maybe you can think of a better name, but this cake was make for a lovely young lady!!

The recipient was a former cake decorating student of mine so I wanted to make something that would WOW her and be forever memorable.  Her mom put in the order and just let me at it.  Since the student knew practically all of my tricks, I really wanted to go above and beyond.

I knew she was learning piano so I decided to run with that.  The piano, a labor of love, was formed with Rice Krispie Treats and needed to be made a week before I delivered it.  And, boy, was I nervous delivering that cake!  What if she hated it??

I was delighted when she gave a little gasp when she saw it - mostly because she was very quiet during classes.  Success!

Anywho, that young lady had some pretty awesome cake decorating skills and I hope she continues with it.  I really hope she remembers her Piano Cake:)

Just a Cow with a Balloon Cake

I got an order for a multi flavored cake for 3 people celebrating birthdays on the same day. What's a cake decorator to do?  She makes her chocolate mocha cake, then makes her scratch carrot cake with cream cheese icing (which is out of this world, might I add) for the center layer and finally a fruit filled top layer.

This was a fun group so I knew the Cow with the Balloon Cake would make a statement.

Anywho, reviews the next day were many and all positive...whew!  Next year maybe a Pig with Tennis Racket will make the grade :)

50 And Fabulous!

Being a woman of a certain age, I can relate to turning the Big Five Oh.  This is Vanilla Cake with Raspberry Cream Filling was made for one of my "Sista Warriors"!

Anywho, they say 50 is the new 30.  Let's hope "they" know this to be true :)

Communion Cake with Little Girl Figurine

This customer wanted something different for a 1st Holy Communion Cake.  Janice, the recipient, is a very special girl filled with loads of spunk! She wanted purple and I told her I would make a "Janice" cake topper.
The cake also had to be chocolate
so I pulled out my favorite chocolate cake recipe and went to work.

Her reaction to seeing the cake for the first time was priceless! Reminds me why I choose to make my living as a cake decorator.

Anywho, Little Janice has made her 1st Communion!  Watch out world!  Her she comes  :)