Monday, August 4, 2014

McDonald's French Fries Cake

I'm Lovin' it! This little kid must LOVE her McD's fries.  I had a blast making this one.  The fries are edible!
Enjoy your birthday, little one! Have your cholesterol checked from time to time, will ya?    :)

Take my Wilton Cake Decorating Classes!

I like this cake SOOOOOOO much!  I was asked to make a display cake for my classroom at Michael's.  I incorporated just about all of the techniques you will learn.  Classes are fun!  If you are in the Burlington MA area, stop by to say hello.  Bring a friend :)

Fondant Giraffe Cake Topper

I make many cake toppers.  This little giraffe is on of my favorites :)

Congrats, Grad!

Cap with mortarboard.......Never gets old!  Good luck to all the grads out there!  Especially to you, Jamie  :)

Strawberry Basket Cake

Chocolate cake with chocolate filling and icing........YUM!  By far THE most popular flavor I get requests for.

The fresh strawberries that lined the inside and adorned the outside added sweet delight. Fondant daisies because I wanted to!

Anywho, another happy customer added to the list :)