Sunday, May 22, 2011

Playboy Bunny Birthday Cake

My boys are 18!! Woo hoo!! Well, I didn't actually give birth to them, nor did I raise em, but Cousin Jeanna's 3 boys are mine, too!!
Anywho, the twins, Jon and Josh, made it to adulthood. Cousin Jeanna was like all shocked that I remembered their favorite cake flavor was Funfetti. Heck, just said they were mine, too!!!
Heading off to college in the fall along with my real daughter, Lexi. Man, how time flies!! 18 years ago, they were having their lil diapers changed. I must remember to remind their dates of those nasty ol Huggies!
Now, go register to vote like good little Americans and kick in with the groceries from time to time, will ya? Love you guys :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

1st Holy Communion Cake

I wonder if the recipient of this little gem named this little Communion girl? I would call her......hmmmmm.......GRACE!! So beautiful and graceful! (not to mention I live on Grace Drive so that was the first name that came to me! LOL) When the mom called on me to make something different for her little girl's Communion, I set my creative wheels in motion and decided this would be different. Most of my customers want some sort of a cross, or challis, but not this customer! And boy, am I glad I get to think outside of the box :)
Anywho, this little ditty has a strawberry cake base and a french vanilla skirt. They wanted to keep it simple so my butter cream frosting covers both cakes. Since I cannot and will not sell any cake unless it passes my taste test, I can assure you that this cake sure was tasty! Which is why I will NEVER be a size 6! LOL
I hope Alison, the little girl for whom this cake was made, had a beautiful day . I bet she was just as pretty as her cake :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Camper Cake

I got a call for this cake on short notice. Because the customer was recommended by one of my good customers, I wanted to come through.

Seems there was a bake off involving family members who shared birthdays. The brightest sibling put the call out to me for help. She explained that having 4 small children would certainly pose a problem in baking and decorating herself. Agreed.

Any who, she wanted this cake because her brother and wife have a camper that they enjoy. I was provided with many details about this campsite and tried to get them all in. Never been campin m'self, so I hope I came through! I wouldn't mind hanging out on that deck with a cold one though............ :)

Grandma's 96TH Birthday Cake (yes, 96!!)

I come from seriously good genes........I think. My maternal grandmother is one hell of a fire cracker. She had a very unusual and difficult childhood. If not for her feisty character, she probably wouldn't have survived. Her fighting spirit has brought her very far!!

Any who, Gram is in a nursing home now. She took care of herself up until last year. If she didn't take a fall last June, she would STILL be living alone, caring for herself. Amazing, really. We brought the cake to her on her birthday, Friday, April 23rd. She doesn't care for chocolate cake so I made her this French Vanilla cake with my secret recipe buttercream frosting. I added lots of fondant flowers, which she got a kick out of. She thought they were cookies! It was a special day.

Happy Birthday Gram! I wish you many more. I know that I will see your face on TV when you turn 100 :)