Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Penguin Birthday Cake

This cake was made for Alicia, older sister to Haylie, who is friends with my Sweet Hallie Rose.  Her parents hosted a black and white sweet 16 party for her.  She decided that a Penguin cake would go perfectly with the theme.  This decorator agrees.  I think it came out great, and the recipient was very pleased.

Anywho, happy sweet 16, Alicia!  You are a lovely young lady entering an exciting time in your life.  Enjoy  :)

Happy Birthday My Beautiful Niece, Shaunna

Lucky me with all these ladies in my life!!  Daughters and nieces only.  I usually make some really crazy cake for Shaunna, but this year her party was moved up to accommodate vacations.  The cake was awesome, none the less.  This little flower garden cake is a dark chocolate cake, mocha filling and my yummy chocolate frosting.  Delish!

Anywho, it was a wonderful day for the lil cutie.  Did I mention that the party was a surprise to her?  Happy birthday, Shaunna!!  You rock  :)

Nicole's Birthday Cake

This is the second cake I made for Nicole this month!!  LOL  Scroll down to she her graduation cake.  Happy 18th birthday, Nicole.  Now go register to vote, will ya  :)

Nicole's WHS Graduation Cake

Nicole and Lexi were in first grade together.  Both fortunate enough to have Miss Leeann Sadowski as their first grade teacher.  I remember when Nicole would come over to play with Lex..........I would ask if they wanted something to eat or drink.  Nicole was so shy she would whisper her reply to Lexi.  So cute!!  Fast forward to high school:  Tony, my DH, picked the girls up from dance class and is shocked when he learns that "Nicole talks now!"  LOL 

Anywho, Nicole has become quite a lovely young lady and I am happy to be her personal cake designer.  Off to college in the fall, Vermont, no less.  Her momma, Jean, my BFF tells me she is going to miss her girl.  I can see why.  Nicole has become a lovely young lady and I am honored to know her.   You go, girl  :)