Saturday, December 18, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking.......

Folks love shoe cakes!! Go figure. When Lexi chose UGG Boots for her 18th (I know, how did that happen!!) birthday cake, I thought she was trying to tell me something......... Well, she did get accepted to college this week! Her 1st choice, to boot! LOL I kill me! Could the boots be symbolic of her leaving in the fall? Stop!! I can't take it!! The joy of 1 down with one to go! You thought sadness would be my emotion? Seriously? The cake could also have been wings to fly to the next chapter of her new found adulthood!

Anywho, my first baby is 18 years old. I guess that makes me, uh, hmmm, oh, OLD!! It's all good, though. I love you, my beautiful Lexi Joy! Happy 18th birthday! Never forget, I taught you how to wash your own laundry. That is the greatest gift a mom can give to her soon-to-be college bound girl! I am so very, very proud of you :)