Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ombre Rosette Cake

I love this cake!  So simple, yet so elegant.  I decided to combine 2 of the latest cake decorating trends: Ombre shading and Large Rosettes.

Anywho, interested in learning these techniques? Coming to a Michael's classroom near me :)

Wrestler Cake Topper

When I was asked to make a John Cena birthday cake, I had literally no idea who he was.  After a little googling, I learned who he was.

The young man for whom this was made, Liam, really loves this guy!  I wanted to make it special.  Ok, maybe his facial features are a little generic,but the hand thing, jean shorts and personal motto are all John Cena.

Anywho, I hope he liked his cake and got all the John Cena stuff he wanted :)

Pudgy Little Boy Cake Topper

The good Lord blessed me with 2 absolutely beautiful daughters.  When I made this lil' fella I decided I would create him in our very unique images; you know, maybe what our son would look like if we had one.

So first, I gave this guy my hair color and wavy/curly texture.  Second, I gave him my beloved DH's , uh, how do you say lightly, his, I know, I know: his belly girth!!  Ya, that's the ticket!!

Ok, lame Jon Lovitt line, but you get the point. We may never be the parents to a male child, but, maybe the good Lord will bless us with a little grandson who looks exactly like me, I mean, us, well without the belly girth :)

Louboutin Inspired Stiletto Cake

Ah, the fine age of 40......I LOVED turning 40!  I felt great, loved where I was in my life and new I still had 10 years until the dreaded colonoscopy.  Oh, the joy!

I just wish that when I  turned "the big four O" someone made me  this scrumptious zebra cake adorned with a Louboutin inspired stiletto.

It's all good, DH makes sure I get a Carvel Ice cream cake each December 19th.  

Happy Birthday you lucky 40 year old :)                               

Sleeping Baby Cake Topper

One cake I refuse to make is a life size baby cake. It's just too creepy! I think anyone who wants to cut apart then eat a "baby"  Needs help......just my humble opinion, you see.

I do, however, never miss an opportunity to make this adorable fondant baby topper.  Boy or girl, I've made both.  This topper is so popular that I actually teach a class devoted to creating one of these lil' lovelies.

Anywho, if you need a baby shower cake featuring an adorable fondant figurine, I am your man, er, I mean woman. Sick live baby cake to cut up and eat, well I say I am sure there is a straight jacket with your name on it somewhere :)