Saturday, June 25, 2011

Still Farming at 50!!

Ok, really funny story behind this Farmville cake, which by the way, I made for my wonderful Hubby.  You see, Hubby is turning the BIG 5-0 this week and my mission was to create a cake which had special meaning for him.  Considering that his time is primarily spent working or caring for his girls, (me and our 2 lovelies) he has very little time for hobbies.  Until he discovered Farmville, that is!  He would spend ALL of his free time harvesting his crops and finding eggs (ask my brother, Michael about that one!).  I also had to make Lexi's graduation cake that weekend as they shared their celebrations (2fers: sign of the times).  I can't believe his Farmville escapades had totally slipped my brain when my very good friend, Lisa, reminded me.  She did come up with the phrase, "Still Farming at 50", which is prominently displayed on the other side of the cake, but suggested I buy  farm figures!  I nearly passed a stone upon hearing that one!!  Alas, once Lisa caught a glimpse of my handiwork, she admitted her flaw.   Anywho,  that's how I roll! 
Happy Birthday my hunka hunka burnin love!!  Still as sexy as ever :) 

Lexi's Wildcat Graduation Cake

I am the proud mother of a High School Grad!!  Woo hoo!!  Ya, I am feeling every one of those 18 years of motherhood!  My Lovely Lexi;  smart funny, assertive, feisty and basically a good kid.  We have our moments, but she never leaves without telling me she loves me.  She stole my heart 18 years ago, and and still has a grip on it. Anywho,  tomorrow is the big celebration at our home.  I cooked and cleaned and made her this cute little sucker to mark the occasion.
My beautiful daughter, the world is yours.  Grab the bull by the horns and go!  I am so very proud of you!  I know a special angel in heaven who is beaming with pride himself  :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can't Get Away From HS Fast Enough!

Ok, it is graduation season and I am open!!  Lots of graduation cakes this year and this is one of my favorites.  In our family, not only did my princess, Lexi, graduate, but Cousin Jeanna's twins, Josh and Jon graduated too.  I love those boys!  They are great kids with sensational senses of humor. (Is that proper grammar?  lol)  Jeanna and I decided that there really isn't anything funny about graduation.  No, seriously, there really isn't!!  So, in my lame attempt to add humor where no humor has gone before, I decided that 2 pair of sneakers donned with caps, running like hell away from high school, was kind of silly.  You think?    So this is the end result.  Anywho, don't really run, boys.  This is going to be a great summer for you before you enter the big house, I mean college.   = )   Enjoy, but not too much.  Love you guys!

Cello Cake

This cello cake was made for a lovely young lady, Kristina,  who graduated high school with my daughter, Lexi.  She is a very talented musician.  Guess what instrument she plays? (chuckle, chuckle)  Her mom called to tell me that Kay (her nickname) loved the cake!  Makes this decorator proud!    Anywho, congrats, Kay!  I know you are going to do great things with your music  =)