Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Can't Get Away From HS Fast Enough!

Ok, it is graduation season and I am open!!  Lots of graduation cakes this year and this is one of my favorites.  In our family, not only did my princess, Lexi, graduate, but Cousin Jeanna's twins, Josh and Jon graduated too.  I love those boys!  They are great kids with sensational senses of humor. (Is that proper grammar?  lol)  Jeanna and I decided that there really isn't anything funny about graduation.  No, seriously, there really isn't!!  So, in my lame attempt to add humor where no humor has gone before, I decided that 2 pair of sneakers donned with caps, running like hell away from high school, was kind of silly.  You think?    So this is the end result.  Anywho, don't really run, boys.  This is going to be a great summer for you before you enter the big house, I mean college.   = )   Enjoy, but not too much.  Love you guys!

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