Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lexi's Dance Shoes Cake

Is anyone seeing a trend here? First, there was the Flip Flop cake, then came the Hockey Skates cake. Hmmmmm............... Any who, when Lexi told me she wanted a Dance Shoe Cake I imagined her black hip hop sneakers or her black jazz shoes would be the inspiration. She had other ideas. Pink Ballet Slippers? Okay. Here is the finished product. Yet another cake I can't watch being sliced! Happy #17, my daughter :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Garden Birthday Cake

I made this cake for the owner of my daughters' dance school. She was having a birthday party for multiple people, so she asked for something floral. I think I satisfied her wish. When her hubby is able to celebrate his special day on his own, I promise to make him something a little more "manly". Cross my heart! :D

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Pair of Hockey Skates

Happy Birthday to a set of great twins!! These athletes shared a soccerball cake last year, but this year I made them each their own. I wonder who got the better one? LOL
Ps....There wasn't a better one: Both were very cool :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mom and Dad's 48Th Anniversary

Today was bittersweet. Mom and dad's 48Th anniversary. Pretty impressive this day in age. Dad, in his comfy chair making jokes one minute, and turning all sentimental the next. Mom, trying to keep it in perspective. Adult children still in denial. 5 granddaughters not quite sure what exactly is going on. Yup, today was a bittersweet day.........

Hallie's Club Penguin Birthday Cake

September 28, 1999 was a great day in my life. My sweet Hallie Rose came into the world. After years of hoping to give Lexi a sibling (a sister, to be exact) my dream came true! This year, with my dad being so ill and spending a month in the hospital, Hallie's birthday sort of got set aside. She had been asking for a Club Penguin cake for months, so I whipped this sucker up and brought the party to Nana & Papa's house. Papa was happy to be part of the celebration :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Samantha's Baby Shower Cake

My cousin, Anna, is going to be a grandma for the first time! I made this cake for her daughter, Samantha. Can anyone guess what she is having? Psst...I think she is naming him Brady. As in Tom. YAY, another Pats fan in the family :)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Basket of Flowers for a Bridal Shower

They say 3rd time is a charm. This is the 3rd cake I made using basket weave. I like this one best :)

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shaunna's Flip Flops Birthday Cake

I love my little niece Shaunna! There is no one on the planet like her. Seriously. When I asked her what kind of birthday cake she wanted she quickly replied that she wanted a flip flop. It made sense cause she lives in the Point of Pines, right on the beach. I couldn't make just one so I made the pair and put them "on the beach" for her. She would only let us eat one flip flop and saved the other. That's love :)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Whimsical Sweet 16

Ok, here's a little quiz: Who is my best customer? C'mon, you know, I've said it before.......well, it's Jean. Jean's daughter, Nicole, is turning 16 this weekend and just recently came over to the dark side when she discovered fondant. I had to go all out for my fellow dark sider (is that even a word?). Coming from the dark side, I am suggesting she wear her sunglasses when she blows out the candles :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yet another cake for Karissa

Seriously, I have made more cakes for my favorite Godchild than anyone else!! After I made the 4th of July cake, I had the extra small cake left over. The cookout was not only an Independence Day Celebration, but it was also for Karissa's HS Graduation as well. I had to make a little something for her. I decorated this cake after the RW&B cake and I was really exhausted. I didn't think this little princess cake was good enough, but she loved it!! She walked around carrying it and finally took it home unsliced. According to her mom, my sister Stacey, the cake was still untouched on July 5th and Karissa vowed to severely hurt anyone who even smelled it! She is definitely my kind of gal :)

Happy 4th of July

Making fondant cakes is so much fun! Seriously.
I always host the annual 4th of July cookout at my home cause I have the biggest pool. LOL (not to mention it is heated) It is a great week for us cause my DH has a birthday and our Wedding anniversay is July 2. Seems almost wrong that we should host a party that week. Shouldn't someone else do it? I'll make the cake :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

My Superman

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's my baby daddy! He's my SUPERMAN! Happy Birthday, Tony :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tea Kettle Bridal Shower Cake

This cake was made for the daughter of my favorite dental hygenist, Tami. Check out this link which is a picture of the inspiration cake Tami wanted. Sure hope she's serving crumpets :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sudoku Puzzle Cake

Thank GOD for my good friend, Jean! Girlfriend keeps me in business. For her hubby's birthday, she asked for a Sudoku puzzle cake. She said it was a hit. Really, check out her comment on my Facebook page :)

Father's Day

Ok, it's a little old school, but tasty none the less. There were 4 dads at my parent's home on Father's day, hence the plural. :)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Graduation cake

To all the grads out there, I send congrats! I whipped this little sucker up for my niece, Karissa. Yes, she was the lucky recipient of the Coach pocketbook cake a few weeks back :) So,the story behind this one goes like this: Hmm, what can a do for a fast graduation cake. I know, how about a silhouette of a graduate! I draw this baby up, decorate it and forward a picture to my sister, mom of the grad. She calls hysterically laughing saying that it looks like me and that I definitely used my own profile. To which I give a very articulate, "Nu huh!" Finally, to all of you male grads, fear not. If I give this chick a dude hair cut, you're good. Now let's all try to imagine that ")

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lexi's Confirmation Cake

Told ya it would be another cross cake! Everyone has asked why I chose to put her her name, Alexia on the cake instead of Lexi, which is her preference. My reply to all: If you sing GOD BLESS AMERICA, try substituting ALEXIA!! Right? :)

Mom's Birthday Cake

It also happens to be my mom's birthday, too. I think she was seriously hoping for the butt cake!! Next year, mom :)

Coach Bag

Happy birthday, Karissa! Auntie is giving you a pretty pink Coach bag. LOL When she cut into it I had to leave the room. It just didn't seem right! She didn't want to do it, but alas, she did :)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mother's Day Cake

Sweet and simple :)

I Pod Cake

This was a labor of love for my favorite twins, Jon and Josh. It was a big hit at their 16th birthday party :)

Red Sox

Go Sox!!

Holy Cross

Not the college! I made this for Lexi's last official CCD class. She may be getting this exact same cake for Confirmation. Let's face it there is only so much you can do to a cross, right?

Bon Voyage

My good friend, Jean was married 20 Years this year. Her hubby took her on a cruise. I will be married 20 years in July. My honey is taking me on a cruise, too...........NOT!

Coffee Cake

LOL Coffee Cake!!!


I love this cake! My baby sister was turning the big Four O and I had to do something really great for her :) I think I didn't center the butt crack very well.

Wedding cake

This cake is bittersweet for me. I had completed all four cake decorating courses and this was the Grand Finale. It was sad because I wouldn't be seeing Courtney and Beth every Monday night :(

Stacked Fondant Cake

How cute is this freaking thing? I know!!


Who needs a reason to have a martini? Seriously.......

Happy New Year!

I love Prosecco! What more can I say? Oh, it's made in Italy :)

Final Project Fondant and Gumpaste Course

It was Chistmas time and I had a shit load of blue fondant left over from the humungus snowflake cake. It worked :)

Lexi's Birthday cake #2

We had to have a cake on her actual birthday, don't cha think?

Lexi's Birthday cake #1

I so bit off more than I could chew with this baby!

Basket Weave # 2

This cake was my second attempt at the basket weave and this time I worked it out myself :)

Basket Weave

The final project for Course 2. I struggled with the basket weave for some reason, but my fearless leader, Courtney helped me work it out :)

Boobie Cake

Ok, does anyone need an explanation for this one? Tony, my husband suggested piercing the nipple. I hope my friend, Matt really enjoyed it ;)

Friends :)

I had just learned to make flowers with royal icing so I had to run home and make a cake. I made this for another great friend, Jeanne.

Soccer Ball Cake

This cake was made for my good friend, Jean. It was for her twins' birthday, and my very first sale :)

Really Big Flowers

I have received many requests for this one. Simple and sweet :)

Go Patriots!

I had only been taking classes for 4 weeks when I made this cake to take to Cousin Jeanna's house. I am really proud of this one :)

Really Big Cupcake

After I made that first cake, I had to make another one right away. I made this for my sister, Stacey.

My First Attempt

Ok, so here it is, my very first decorated cake. I wanted to show how far I have come since that very first one. Yes, those are supposed to be roses. Printing needed work, too :)