Thursday, October 10, 2013

Ombre Rosette Cake

I love this cake!  So simple, yet so elegant.  I decided to combine 2 of the latest cake decorating trends: Ombre shading and Large Rosettes.

Anywho, interested in learning these techniques? Coming to a Michael's classroom near me :)

Wrestler Cake Topper

When I was asked to make a John Cena birthday cake, I had literally no idea who he was.  After a little googling, I learned who he was.

The young man for whom this was made, Liam, really loves this guy!  I wanted to make it special.  Ok, maybe his facial features are a little generic,but the hand thing, jean shorts and personal motto are all John Cena.

Anywho, I hope he liked his cake and got all the John Cena stuff he wanted :)

Pudgy Little Boy Cake Topper

The good Lord blessed me with 2 absolutely beautiful daughters.  When I made this lil' fella I decided I would create him in our very unique images; you know, maybe what our son would look like if we had one.

So first, I gave this guy my hair color and wavy/curly texture.  Second, I gave him my beloved DH's , uh, how do you say lightly, his, I know, I know: his belly girth!!  Ya, that's the ticket!!

Ok, lame Jon Lovitt line, but you get the point. We may never be the parents to a male child, but, maybe the good Lord will bless us with a little grandson who looks exactly like me, I mean, us, well without the belly girth :)

Louboutin Inspired Stiletto Cake

Ah, the fine age of 40......I LOVED turning 40!  I felt great, loved where I was in my life and new I still had 10 years until the dreaded colonoscopy.  Oh, the joy!

I just wish that when I  turned "the big four O" someone made me  this scrumptious zebra cake adorned with a Louboutin inspired stiletto.

It's all good, DH makes sure I get a Carvel Ice cream cake each December 19th.  

Happy Birthday you lucky 40 year old :)                               

Sleeping Baby Cake Topper

One cake I refuse to make is a life size baby cake. It's just too creepy! I think anyone who wants to cut apart then eat a "baby"  Needs help......just my humble opinion, you see.

I do, however, never miss an opportunity to make this adorable fondant baby topper.  Boy or girl, I've made both.  This topper is so popular that I actually teach a class devoted to creating one of these lil' lovelies.

Anywho, if you need a baby shower cake featuring an adorable fondant figurine, I am your man, er, I mean woman. Sick live baby cake to cut up and eat, well I say I am sure there is a straight jacket with your name on it somewhere :)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Sweet Baby Shower Cake

I love cakes for babies!  My lovely Lexi, got me this order for a co-worker who was hosting a.........Baby Shower!  LOL  The cake is iced in pink buttercream frosting and donned with a fondant pram.  The yellow swirls are the latest rage in cake decorating.  Far be it for me to turn my back on a beautiful trend.

Anywho, I heard the cake was praised by the guest of honor and loved by the rest.  Hope to meet you soon, little darlin'  :)

Beautiful Cross Cake

I had made a similar cake earlier this year.  I like cakes that jump out at you.  My student, Louise, asked me to make this cake for her daughter, Ania-Rose's Christening.  I think she was expecting a typical round cake with a buttercream cross because her eyes lit wide open at the site of this beauty.

She asked for strawberry cake and I made a delightful cream cheese frosting to compliment.

Anywho, I am partial to baby girls; having 2 lovelies of my own.  God Bless you sweetheart.  may you enjoy the pleasure of cake for many, many, many more years  :)

2013 Graduation Cake

One of my students, Betsy, asked me to make her daughter's graduation cake.  I am always honored when someone trusts me enough make a cake for their special occasion!

Betsy asked for a chocolate cake iced with buttercream frosting decorated with fondant.

This one was really fun to make!  Too bad it poured upon delivery.  The graduation was a huge success the next day.

Anywho, congrats to Lindsey and all of the other 2013 grads!  The world can be a scary place, but remember, a cake can make it all better  :)

Ode to Senior Citizens

These Sheet Cakes were made specially for a local senior center.  One for our Veterans on Memorial day and one to mark the commencement of the Senior Olympics.   The seniors favor marble cakes (to please everyone) and my delicious buttercream frosting.

Anywho, both events were a success.  I'd like to think my sheet cakes had a little something to do with it  :)

Chocolate Birthday Cake

I had ton of cakes to make this particular week and one was a birthday cake for my Beautiful Niece, Karissa.

This hunk of deliciousness is a chocolate cake  filled with yummy Nutella and iced with chocolate frosting.  White roses and a simple white border complete the look.

Anywho, simple cakes can be simply stunning!!  And, it was a huge hit with the guests  :)

Beach Theme Bridal Shower Cupckaes

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Baby Girl Christening Cake

Chocolate Cross Cake covered in my secret recipe butterbream frosting tinted light pink.  Darker pink and white buttercream roses accented with moss green leaves and vines. Tiny yellow star flowers complete the look to the lovely Christening Cake. Just Yummy!

Anywho, it got a lovely reception from the little darlings family. 
God Bless you 
Addison Morgan!
Your Papa, Kenny, is a
sweetheart  :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentines Cupcakes

Just some chocolate cupcakes filled with chocolate pudding and covered in buttercream. Fondant hearts complete the Valentine's look.  :)

Happy Valentines Day!

Golf Cake

If only you all could see the recipient of this Golf Cake!  You see, I made the Golfer in his image. This decorator was quite satisfied with the end results.

Only the little guy, balls, club and flag are made of fondant.  The rest is Buttercream. Strawberry cake with lots of fresh strawberries in the center,  Yum!

 Anywho, never having played golf myself (unless mini-golf counts), when I look at this cake I want to yell, "FORE"!   :)

Happy Birthday Kenny!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shades of Blue Wedding Cake

My favorite hair stylist, Stephanie, owner of her very own salon, SMOOTH, contacted me to make a wedding cake for her cousin. The bride was looking for this simple, yet elegant, chocolate and vanilla, fondant covered cake.  

She requested a Slate Blue bow topper (no one does the bride and groom thingy any more), with a few roses in shades of blue.  

Anywho, the bride was delighted with the final product, and this decorator sighed with relief!  Another happy customer for Cheryl's Cakery :)

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jamie's Beer Pong Cake

Jamie, friend of my Lovely Lexi, needed a cake to celebrate her significant 21st birthday!  She said all she wanted was a beer pong table cake that she could put a shot glass on.  Great idea, but it's me!!  I don't do simple.  Go big or go hungry, or, uh, without cake....something like that!

Anywho, Jamie wasn't even interested in cake flavor!  Just the beer pong table.  I went with Funfetti and lots of my vanilla buttercream frosting made with butter, NOT Crisco!  Wish I could have had a slice! She said she was in love with this one of a kind creation I made just for her!  I love my job :)

Cake Pops

Cake Pops are the latest rage in the cake world!! Boy, don't they look like simple creatures?  NOT!! These suckers, when made correctly, are highly labor intense. That's why, folks, they don't come cheap!  Ya, ya, they have those pop cake machines, blah, blah, blah!  But that certainly is not the way to make authentic Cake Pops.  Not for this decorator, anyway.

To be made properly, one must: make a cake, break it up in a bowl, add frosting: the exact right amount of frosting, mix together by hand, roll into balls: all the same size, add a chocolate dipped lollipop stick, freeze, dip in chocolate/candy melts, decorate, dry in a block of Styrofoam, slip a cellophane bag over each one then tie a ribbon around the cellophane and stick of each one.  WHEW!  I am exhausted just thinking about it!  LOL

Anywho, in theory, each one is so rich and flavorful that it is a complete single serving of dessert. For some people, I suppose :)

Poinsettia Cake and Cupcakes

Ah, Christmas comes but once a year!  What would the season be like without Poinsettias- edible or otherwise!  Here they are in a buttercream basket made from Royal Icing, and atop chocolate, vanilla and carrot cupcakes made from buttercream.  All delish and certainly put a smile on this cake decorator's face  :)