Friday, July 17, 2009

Whimsical Sweet 16

Ok, here's a little quiz: Who is my best customer? C'mon, you know, I've said it before.......well, it's Jean. Jean's daughter, Nicole, is turning 16 this weekend and just recently came over to the dark side when she discovered fondant. I had to go all out for my fellow dark sider (is that even a word?). Coming from the dark side, I am suggesting she wear her sunglasses when she blows out the candles :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yet another cake for Karissa

Seriously, I have made more cakes for my favorite Godchild than anyone else!! After I made the 4th of July cake, I had the extra small cake left over. The cookout was not only an Independence Day Celebration, but it was also for Karissa's HS Graduation as well. I had to make a little something for her. I decorated this cake after the RW&B cake and I was really exhausted. I didn't think this little princess cake was good enough, but she loved it!! She walked around carrying it and finally took it home unsliced. According to her mom, my sister Stacey, the cake was still untouched on July 5th and Karissa vowed to severely hurt anyone who even smelled it! She is definitely my kind of gal :)

Happy 4th of July

Making fondant cakes is so much fun! Seriously.
I always host the annual 4th of July cookout at my home cause I have the biggest pool. LOL (not to mention it is heated) It is a great week for us cause my DH has a birthday and our Wedding anniversay is July 2. Seems almost wrong that we should host a party that week. Shouldn't someone else do it? I'll make the cake :)