Saturday, July 24, 2010

Skateboard Graduation Cake

Do you want to ride? LOL This Skateboard Cake was made for a young man, Dave, to celebrate his graduation from Billerica HS. My daughter, Lexi, is a serious fan of skateboarding. (really, just the handsome skateboarders) She gave me plenty of tips for this guy, since she had just returned from the Dew Tour. Google if you must :)
Hoping Dave can roll into his new role of high school grad! Punny, aren't I?

Nicole's Violin Cake

Nicole really loved her birthday cake from last year. Her mom, (my bff, Jean) suggested a purple violin, since Nicole has been playing for about 10 years, or something like that. Luckily, my daughter, Hallie, took up the violin last fall, so I had inspiration. I think Nicole liked it, but her heart belongs to last year's cake. Scroll down a lot and judge for yourself :)

Hunter's Bloody Birthday Cake (say with English accent)

First, there was the footwear cake trend. Now, the trend is European flag cakes. What's up with that? Oh, maybe the World Cup had some small part :) OK, Hunter, is one of Lexi's buddies. She is a nut, and we like that! She has an incredible ability to speak with just about any accent you ask her to. The British Flag was her request for her birthday cake. I sure do aim to please! By golly, I think she thought it was brilliant! (again, say with English accent)