Sunday, May 22, 2011

Playboy Bunny Birthday Cake

My boys are 18!! Woo hoo!! Well, I didn't actually give birth to them, nor did I raise em, but Cousin Jeanna's 3 boys are mine, too!!
Anywho, the twins, Jon and Josh, made it to adulthood. Cousin Jeanna was like all shocked that I remembered their favorite cake flavor was Funfetti. Heck, just said they were mine, too!!!
Heading off to college in the fall along with my real daughter, Lexi. Man, how time flies!! 18 years ago, they were having their lil diapers changed. I must remember to remind their dates of those nasty ol Huggies!
Now, go register to vote like good little Americans and kick in with the groceries from time to time, will ya? Love you guys :)

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