Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby Girl Shower Cake

Look how cute that cake is!!! No, really. Look at it! Kim, the younger sister of my oldest and dearest friend, Lisa, hosted a baby shower for her friend. I was thrilled to learn she was interested in a baby shower cake. You see, I had this cake idea dancing around my head for a while and decided it was time for it to bust-a-move!!
Yes, it was a lot of work. Tons of details! But it sure was fun to create. I heard it was a hit at the shower. Almost makes me want another daughter........NOT!! Mother to the very sexy Lexi and the incredibly sweet Hallie Rose is plenty. Besides, Dh certainly doesn't need a 4th wife! Welcome to the world, little baby girl! I know your mommy will have the best time shopping for all of your clothes and accessories! I sure did :)

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