Monday, December 3, 2012

Jay's Bruins Birthday Cake

Jay, the recipient of the Bruins cake turned the big "13" this November.  Hmmmm..............someone else has a 13 year old.........who could that be?  LOL   It's me!! 

Knowing Jay is very special to me.  When my Lexi was in first grade, she had the honor of Ms. Sadowski as her beloved teacher.  So, how Ms. S. and I became friends goes like this:   It's March and I am sitting next to said teacher hearing sweet and lovely comments about my big girl!!  With me, in her car seat thingy is my 6 month old, Hallie.  Ms. S. cuts to the chase and proceeds to ask me all sorts of mom questions about my little one.  She then comes clean and tells me she is in the process of adopting a beautiful baby boy and  he was precisely 2 months younger than Hallie.  Well, my little darlin' was so excited that she puked up her lunch.  Plums.......not too pretty.  Anywho,  after a few swipes of a cloth and Hallie was back to herself.  Ms. S. thinks I wiped that puke up like a pro, but she wasn't aware of my anxiety doing cartwheels in my belly!!   I knew right then and right there that she and I would be Forever Friends.  True story.

When Jay asked for one of my cakes to celebrate becoming an official teen, how could I refuse?  He wanted a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting covered in fondant featuring his much loved Bruins!  (Think they will play this year?   Sad....)    I digress.

I was honored to create this cake for the little guy, uh, I think I mean Big Guy.  (He is 13 after all!)  Happy Birthday Jonathan!!  You and your mom are quite the dynamic duo.  I am blessed to have you both in my life, and to be in yours.  :)

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