Saturday, April 28, 2012

Zebra Print and Stiletto 40th Birthday Cake

Okay, I was sooo excited to make this cake for Brenda, Patti's sister (summit girls, thanks Lee and Zannie).  She thought she wanted a sheet cake, but I suggested something a little less, ,,,,,,,,,,,boring!!   LOL    Hey, you only turn the big 40 once!  Unless you are me, and have been the big 40 for the past few years.   Just sayin'...........

Anywho. I drew this sucker up and executed the plan.  All went well until I hit the, "freak out" phase of my cake decorating.  Usually, about 4 hours prior to delivery, this cake decorator gets a wave of nausea thinking that something is going to go wrong with the cake, thus ruining a perfectly good celebration.  Considering this is one of the largest cake I have ever made, (should serve 100, no really it's sooo heavy!), the freak out was superior to all the rest.  What if it sinks, what if my DH is not able to carry it to the car, what if they cancel Grey's Anatomy? What?   Um, OK...... Tony has been known to take a tumble or 2 or 10.  Clumsiness......some say it's cute, me, I want to push the bastard down again for being so friggin clumsy! Sorry, I digress, uh, ya, I feared the worst.  But, alas, the cake made it in one piece to it's final destination.  The Ativan I took prior to delivery did the trick.  And another one of a kind creation makes it to the history books.

Happy 40th Birthday, Brenda!!  You are going to shine this decade.  If not, I will spray you with shellac.  :)  

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  1. Broke a 1 year abstinence from sugar for a taste of this: SO worth it! Delicious and beautiful!