Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Orange You Happy It's Stephen's Birthday

That usually kills with the uh, younger crowd, yea.... Ok, good story behind the Orange Cake. The husband of my bff, Jean, is quite the, the, the, (yes, I repeated, "the", purposely) the, disciplined & regimented guy. Whew! Every night he begins his evening ritual by putting a napkin on the table, then peels & eats an orange. Yes, EVERY night. Recently, he attended a conference, and told his family of the serious spread of luscious baked goods with super huge cookies that was put out for the folks at the conference. His kids, so excited about the sweet bounty before him, asked how the big cookies tasted. He told them he didn't know, cause he chose an ORANGE instead! Are you kidding me! I searched the room for a hidden camera cause this was clearly a joke, right? Nope! He even snagged an extra one to take back to his room. God forbid he fore go the napkin thingy. Oh, well. To each their own orange! Happy Birthday, Stephen. Your cholesterol thanks you from the bottom of their triglycerides :)

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  1. It tastes as good as it looks! Thanks again, Cheryl! How sad that the story behind it isnt even a joke, cuz its sooo funny!!!